The Journey Begins

Many would consider me a dreamer. This is because I wholeheartedly believe that the world can be a more beautiful and peaceful place, and it is completely possible on both small and large scale. I recently told a friend about an idea I had for an organization which gathered together all individuals and companies who are dedicating their time and effort to making the world a better place. This includes people working to make an impact in poverty, access to fresh water, waste management, pollution, overpopulation, biodiversity, deforestation, war, renewable energy, resource depletion, sustainable farming and many many more issues. If they could all be gathered together in one organization, under one banner, with shared resources, knowledge, ideas, manpower, and motivation it would have a huge impact on the world as we know it through solving these problems (which by the way do have solutions). As it stands the people who work to address these issues are just individuals with an individual voice, this voice is easily drowned out by the need for global profit and power. Solutions to these problems aren’t generally profitable, which is why the world leaders aren’t doing everything they can to solve them. And if world leaders aren’t doing what needs to be done to fix the rapidly worsening world we are in, then who will? An organization like this needs to rise above and care not for profit and power, but for peace and well-being for all. The friend in question dismissed it as impossible.

These are issues which affect all of us globally, and if you happen to be fortunate enough to be in a situation where you feel no impact from these, it will be short lived. We are rapidly consuming the very Earth we live on at an exponential rate with no regard for the future of it. We’re at a stage where looking after the environment and looking after each other on a large scale is the responsibility of a minority, rather than majority. We’re in a world where the value of money outweighs the value of the very Earth we live on, and may I remind everybody that money is a man-made concept.

There have been groups, hundreds of thousands strong, who have dedicated their existence to spreading war, and death, and hate. We see it everyday. Example, ISIS is an organization which took the world by storm, and is causing horrific impact on a global scale. There are governments who’s job it is to look after the nation and the world who care only for profit, control, and repression. We see so many organizations which successfully spread terror around the world. Why is it so hard to contemplate an organization that is equally successful at making the world a better place?

We’re in an amazing time where science, technology, social media, and people can all be used to fix problems which threaten the human race. Yet instead these tools are mostly used for unnecessary conveniences. I’m sure we can all agree that the money and power in the world is wielded by a very small group of individuals and world leaders. Let’s say tomorrow all these people suddenly cared not for money, but genuinely wanted to make the world better and solve the problems we face with their infinite resources and power. Obviously this would bring about massive positive change throughout the world. Unfortunately this isn’t going to happen.

In saying that, people all over the world are starting to realize that we are the power. Protests to overthrow corrupt governments aren’t uncommon. So why is it impossible for a large number of people to form together on a global scale and turn the world into what we want it to truly be? It’s becoming the case that governments are no longer representing the wants of the people. Anybody reading this can look at their own government and see this.
Something needs to change on a global scale, or the path we are going down as a global nation will be a short and unhappy one. We need to bring together all people and all organizations who want to make a positive difference together, and let that become a power in itself. It’s not impossible, and it needs to happen. It is for this very reason that I have started this blog. A very small step in the big scheme of things, but hopefully a launching pad for the journey in which I am taking to make this a reality. I will share my knowledge, ideas, and progress on this page and hopefully help more people to realize that the world needs a big change, and we can all be part of that.


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